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Golden Globe Parties

Golden Globe Parties

This most exuberant of the award shows has celebs and guests mingling during dinner and through out the night as they table hop throughout the show and perhaps wind up at a party near you...

Venue: Beverly Hills, CA

Location: Los Angeles

Event Date: 01/07/2018

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Golden Globe Parties Are Where It's At

Of all the awards shows, the Golden Globes® is the loosest, and hence the most popular, one going. People hop from table to table, chatting with old friends, meeting new people and talking over new projects. The awards themselves are considered to be somewhat of a predictor for the upcoming Oscars®. Naturally, after a fun, exciting show like this one, there's only one thing left to do--celebrate or wallow in self-pity. It's time to party down, and the parties are legendary every year.

Actually, there are parties all week long. Most of them are for charities or political causes, like the Art for Amnesty party brunch on Friday espousing freedom of speech or the Audi and W Magazine cocktail soirees the day before that.

Amazon, which has become serious competition for the rest of the movie and TV producers, is hosting their own bash, just like they did for the EMMYs. The times are surely changing as digital, online companies have made strides into the awards game. Netflix got more nominations than perennial powerhouse HBO last year, which put an end to HBO's dominance. Showtime, CBS and the CW host a party together.

The coolest part of the parties is that most of them are crammed into the Beverly Hilton hotel. You can find a party in literally every place that there could be one, from the wine shop to the penthouses and the banquet hall.

The amount of glitz and glamour of each party reflects the number of nominations. The best-known, most anticipated Golden Globe® after parties are hosted by Fox, HBO, NBC/Universal, AMC, Sony Pictures, Summit Entertainment and InStyle/Warner Brothers. Each event attracts its own exclusive list of A-listers. TV stars make it to the parties hosted by FOX, HBO, NBC or AMC. The hottest movie stars get to the Summit or Sony Pictures party. The NBC Universal after party crosses over with celebrities from film, TV and international productions.

Even if all you want to do is party and not people-watch, there's an after party for you, too. That would be the InStyle/Warner Brothers party. AMC's viewing party and post-bash celebration is more laidback. It's held in the Hilton's quaint Le Chateau wine shop. You never know who will be the next celebrity to walk in and party down, especially at the HBO party. Virtually every celebrity and socialite will pass through the star-studded tables of this outdoor party during the night.

If you're planning to go to the 2018 Golden Globes®, you'll probably want to attend the after parties as well. Or you can just hit the parties or go to a viewing party. You can reserve your spot right here at VIP Award Show tickets for the January 7, 2018 affair. It's better to be early than not to get a ticket. Reserving your spot now guarantees your place and will give you something special to stuff a Christmas stocking with--a once in a lifetime experience.


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