2013 Kid’s Choice Awards! 03/23/2013, Los Angeles

Get Your Tickets to the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards.

If there’s an orange carpet, unsanctioned burping contests and 10,000 gallons of slime, it must be the 2013 Kids’ Choice Awards presented by Nickelodeon. For 26 years, the Kids’ Choice Awards have been the funniest, messiest award show on the planet, and you know you would absolutely love to be there! Here’s some good news for all the hip tweens and school-aged fanatics who would love KCA tickets. VIP Award Show Tickets, Inc. has joined forces with supernatural powers to make sure that tickets to the 2013 Kids’ Choice Awards are in your hands.

On March 23, 2013, you’ll be the envy of your closest friends as you walk the orange carpet and prepare for the slime-fest to begin. Twenty-six years ago, no one could have predicted that slimings and on-demand burping contests would be even more popular than they were in the 1980s! The demand for slime has increased to an all-time high. This laugh-powered, action-packed award show now requires between 10,000 and 15,000 gallons of slime for all of the stunts, jokes and mass slimings that get the audience, the winners and the host. The KCAs always attract world-class performers, celebrity attendees and a long roster of A-list presenters. Special categories like the year’s Big Green Help Award bring together candidates as diverse as First Lady Michelle Obama, Justin Timberlake and Taylor Swift.

If the wild, raucous happenings of the orange carpet, the award presentations and the slime-covered finale aren’t enough, you’ll be happy to know that Nickelodeon goes all-out for the 4,000-person after-party, which features all sorts of kid-oriented games and entertainment. Oh my! For all you kids, young in age or in spirit, it’s time that you attend the mother of all youth-oriented award shows. If you’re ready for top-notch performances, if you can’t wait to see who will get slimed, if you love Nickelodeon, get your 2013 Kids’ Choice tickets now. You know you want to go, and we know that you want to, too. Make this the year that your wishes come true. VIP Award Show Tickets, Inc. can help you do it. If you’re one of the millions who watch Nickelodeon and vote for the winners, you’ll have to check with mom or dad. If you’re a parent seeking the ultimate kids’ gift, we’ll hook you up with KCA tickets and the whole package. 10,000 gallons of slime? Bring it on!

- Los Angeles, CA (exact date/location TBD)
- Los Angeles
- 03/23/2013
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