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2016 MTV Video Music Awards VMA s

2016 MTV Video Music Awards (VMA's)

The best, most exciting, loudest, awards show there is. All the big stars turn out for this one.

Venue: Barclays Center

Location: New York

Event Date: 08/28/2016

Price: Please contact us for details.


Do you love watching music videos? Are you the kind who likes to sit around and watch them all night long? Do you go goo-goo over Lady Gaga? If so, you've got to get your tickets to the 2016 VMAs. If you're hip, cool or young, you surely enjoy MTV's annual celebration of music videos known as the Video Music Awards. Every year, MTV honors the musicians, producers and artists responsible for making the wildest, coolest, sexiest and most controversial videos. Like any good awards show, the VMAs boast a star-studded lineup of performers, presenters and nominees who always seem to show up in rare form.

The best part of MTV's yearly party is that we have VIP tickets to the event. We have tickets to the show and passes to the sizzling red carpet. That means you have tickets too, but only if you love having fun and rubbing elbows with the biggest stars in the music industry. There's no other show that has the sort of lunacy and over-the-top lust for life that the VMAs have. Video may have killed the radio star, but live performances trump videos any day of the week.

The 2016 show promises to be another must-see event tailor-made for die-young, die-hard music fans. The crowd is always thrilled by captivating performances of such rock stars as The Weeknd, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Justin Bieber, Alessia Cara, Selena Gomez, Ed Sheeran, Drake and Alicia Keys. Even the United States Olympic gymnastic team showed up for the 2012 show. They flipped over it, but they're known for flipping just for fun. MTV even lets comedians and celebrities do their bit at the show. You never know when Rebel Wilson or Kevin Hart will show up to tell a few jokes, but nobody will hold it against them.

August 28, 2016, is the official date for the VMAs. We've got tickets for the best seats in the house. It's never too early to buy your tickets. The show sells out every year, so why take the chance? A ticket in the hand is worth an evening you'll never forget. That ticket is your passport to exciting.

Of course, you want to go, but don't go by yourself. Take your favorite person or your whole posse with you. There's nothing better than an evening out with your friends, co-workers or clients. You'll make an impression that won't soon be forgotten. There are only a limited number of these VIP tickets available to the public, but there is no limit to the fun you'll have.

Scrape everything else off your calendar on August 28, 2016. Buy your VMA tickets from VIP Award Show Tickets early. Don't take a chance that you'll be left out in the rain like the cake in that song "MacArthur Park." Buy your tickets today. You'll be happy you did when you're stapled to your seat wherever the VMAs are happening next.


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