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2017 Guys Choice Awards

2017 Guys Choice Awards

The Guys Choice isn't the typical Hollywood awards show honoring the same celebrities and categories viewers always see.

Venue: Sony Studios (exact date TBD)

Location: Los Angeles

Event Date: 06/10/2017

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$2990.00 (Per Person)

"Guys Choice Awards" Table Seating (open bar) - Includes Pre Reception and Dinner

Tickets Available - 4

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"Guys Choice Awards" Table Seating (open bar) - Includes Pre Reception and Dinner
$2990.00 (Per Person)


The Guy's Choice Awards celebrate seminal achievements among the dude community. This is not a plaid and flannel lumberjack contest. This is not the Highland Games where flapping kilts reveal all. It's for sophisticated gentlemen who have brass balls (not those kind of balls! Get your filthy mind out of a gutter!) mad fantasy sports skills, a sense of humor and other talents.

The show also welcomes gorgeous gals to receive high-quality maybe made in China trophies that celebrate their hotness. Really, girls would feel left out otherwise. Or is it because if there weren't a few femmes in the audience, the show could turn into a sausage fest? Seriously, you could grow a beard or two just from inhaling the testosterone. That's not all the fun, though. This award show has a lot going on down there and elsewhere.

Guy's vote annually on categories like "Decade of Hottness" (read MILFs) and "Our New Girl Friend" (read super-hot swimsuit models). There's also the "Jean-Claude Ghad Dam" award that goes to one special lady who could use her looks set a concrete bunker on fire. Girls with low self-esteem, homely faces and bad complexion can win at the Guy's Choice Awards too. They're called comediennes, and they have a chance to score the Funniest M.F. Award. Funny guys are up for that one too. Categories change yearly, so you never know what absurd gimmick the folks at Spike will come up with.

The award show that celebrates the American male with all of his clothes on isn't a big competition. It recognizes those truly rate and truly awesome guys that other guys can admit are great. Those particular awards are given to the Biggest Ass Kicker and Greatest of All Time. The Most Dangerous Man is awarded to the kind of dude who would steal trophies for other winners and cry outside the emergency exit. It's the award for the crazy ones, the ones that you should avoid if you see them in the bathroom or anywhere else.

If you want Spike's Guy's Choice Awards tickets, you need to get them now. They're going faster than a bear with its tail on fire. If you hurry up and wait, you can hang out in the green room backstage and mosey out to your table by the open bar whenever you like. No bull or cock. All you need is an athletic protector, your favorite koozy and a wife, a girlfriend or both. You'll probably be late because you lost your keys or got a nasty shaving cut, so we're telling you right now to mark your calendar. The Guy's Choice Awards are happening Saturday, June 10, 2017 in Los Angeles, the home of heros and beautiful people that even you would vote for.



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